(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Chepstow, NP16 5LR

on SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2015

DOGS: John Thirlwell (Ferndel)
BITCHES: Barbara Attwood (Kylowen)
REFEREE: Alwyn Buchanan (Trealvi)

Best Dog LineupCRITIQUE

Judge: John Thirlwell (Ferndel)

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Class 1 - Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1. Reynolds’: Kamunting Castaway to Benoveor - 8 month and still needing time to mature in body & mind, pleasing over all type and construction. Masculine head needing to develop between the eyes, good neck & shoulder, lovely bone and substance. Well constructed body with good rear angulation. Moved soundly just needs a little more confidence. BPD

Class 2 - Puppy Dog (2)

1. Reynolds’: Kamunting Castaway to Benoveor
2. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Captain Vere - Nice headed dog, good neck & shoulder, balanced body with plenty of rear angulation, needs to develop in forchest and grow on in size. Moved steadily with a happy outgoing temperament.

Class 3 - Junior Dog (6)

1. Tew’s: Pamicks Believe You Can - Mature young dog of pleasing type and balance. Masculine head good bone & substance, deep well made body with good rib, presented a good outline. Moved soundly with drive, shown in good coat.
2. Harrisons: Glenbrows Trademark - pleasing outline, good head shape, lovely neck & shoulder, deep well ribbed body with plenty bone & substance, presented and handled well, just needs more confidence on the move which effects his rear movement.
3. Boumonte’s: Islanza Going Dutch of Roxdale
4. Harrisons: Glenbrows Manifesto
5. Reynolds’: Kamunting Cast Away to Benoveor

Class 4 - Special Yearling Dog (6)

1. Worth’s: Sarabande Perfect Storm (AI) - pleasing headed dog, with good eye & expression. Presents a good flowing outline, deep well ribbed body with plenty rear angulation. Shown in lovely coat & condition. Moved with good side gait.
2. Tew’s: Pamicks Believe You Can
3. Pick’s: Llon Ddraig Goch
4. Boumonte’s: Islanza Going Dutch of Roxdale
5. Buckwell’s: Killena Tumbra

Class 5 - Maiden Dog (1)

1. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Captain Vere

Class 6 - Novice Dog (3)

1. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Captain Vere
2. Bond’s: Hillpark Golden Successor - Pleasing type & size, masculine head, good bone. Needs to develop and mature in body, adequate rear angulation, good muscle. Moved soundly.
3. Ovey’s: Bozidar Rio

Class 7 - Graduate Dog (6)

1. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW Sh CM - Nice headed dog with good eye, presented a balanced outline with lovely compact well ribbed body. Moved soundly & in good coat.
2. Tew’s: Pamicks Believe You Can
3. Johnstone’s: Glenbrows Paper Money for Gilpeta JW
4. Isherwood’s: Amblelight Trapezium Star
5. Ovey’s: Bozidar Rio

Class 8 - Post Graduate Dog (6)

1. Murray’s: Lindfil Simba from Priestbeck - Mature dog of overall good construction and type, good head & eye, balanced body with plenty bone and substance, well angulated both ends. Moved soundly and shown in good coat.
2. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW Sh CM
3. Harvey’s: Homecomers Pan God the Wild to Mariemead
4. Bond’s: Hillpark Golden Successor
5. Breeze’s Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood

Class 9 - Limit Dog (6)

1. Cocking & Barnaby’s: Bushwacker Captain Courageous at Ruskinite Sh CM - Mature dog with good head, eye & expression. Deep well ribbed body with strong topline and well angulated hindquarters. Presents a balanced outline standing. Moved soundly, shown in good coat.
2. Graham’s: Furness Way from Minebea to Nyliram JW (Imp Svk) - another dog of good overall type and qualities. Masculine head, good bone and substance. Balanced body with good rib. Moved happily with good side gait. Shown in good coat & condition.
3. Place’s: Slapestones Sinatra at Aarminias JW
4. Buckwells’: Killena Song for Guy
5. Nicolls’: Amblelight Suhail at Antreth

Class 10 - Open Dog (6)

1. McGrath’s: Sh Ch Taimeres Tomfoolery - Quality dog of good type and balance. Pleasing head, good neck & shoulder, deep balanced body with strong well angulated hind quarters. Presents a good outline, standing and on the move, which he does soundly with drive. Res CC
2. Cocking & Barnaby’s: Bushwacker Thriller - pleasing overall type and qualities, masculine head, good neck & shoulder balanced body with plenty of angulation. Presents a balanced un-exagerated outline. Moved soundly.
3. Richie’s: Slapestones Nevis (AI)
4. Tew’s: Pamick’s Dazzling Boy JW
5. Reynolds’: Glenbrows Band of Brothers for Benoveor JW Sh CM

Class 11 - Veteran Dog (4:2)

1. Harrison’s: Sh Ch Glenbrows Picture This JW Sh CM - Masculine, mature dog with lovely outline flowing from head to tail. Shown in excellent coat & condition for age. Moves with lovely side gait.
2. Murray’s: Slapestones Mars at Priestbeck - another dog of good overall type and qualities, with good head balanced body with plenty bone & substance. Moved well and in lovely condition.

Class 12 - Special Beginners Dog (4)

1. Isherwood’s: Amblelight Trapezium Star - Pleasing type and outline, masculine head, would prefer more spring in rib. Good rear angulation, moved well.
2. Breeze’s Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood - Rangy outline and lacked body. Masculine head, good bone. Moved ok.
3. Schroeter’s: Mariemead Winters Dream
4. Ovey’s: Bozidar Rio

Class 13 - Special New Members Dog (1)

1. Schroeter’s: Mariemead Winters Dream - Masculine dog, with good bone, balanced outline. Shown in good coat would like stronger rear movement.

Class 14 - Special Working Dog (1)

1. Evans’: Coedybrain Ryan ar Nantlle - Mature well made dog with pleasing head, good front assembly, Deep well bibbed body with good quarters. Moved soundly just needs to enjoy it more.

Class 15 - Mr Danny Pritchard Special Memorial Stakes Dog bred by exhibitor (2)

1. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW Sh CM
2. Tew’s: Pamicks Believe You Can

Class 16 - Good Citizens Dog Scheme Dog  (4:1)

1. Barkley’s : Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW Sh CM - Quality dog with a lovely head and eye, pleasing from his good front assembly through well ribbed body to strong well developed hindquarters. Presented a balanced outline both standing and on the move. Covers the ground soundly with plenty of drive. Presented in lovely coat & condition. CC & BIS
2. Buckwell’s: Killena Tumbra - pleasing type and construction. With deep well ribbed body and good rear angulation. Moved soundly.
3. Isherwood’s: Amblelight Trapezium Star
4. Breeze’s: Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood

BEST DOG – Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW Sh CM
RESERVE BEST DOG – Sh Ch Taimeres Tomfoolery
BEST PUPPY DOG – Kamunting Castaway to Benoveor

Best Bitch LineupCRITIQUE

Judge Barbara Attwood (Kylowen)

I would like to thank the Club for a lovely day and especially my steward for his hard work, also the exhibitors for their support, all the dogs were presented in good condition.

lf I had to be critical of one area, it is the close hind movement especially in the lower classes, however I was more than happy with my class winner and in many cases there were close decisions.

B.I.S. – Happy to award this to the dog. Barkley's Sh Ch Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW ShCM – pleasing in head, well balanced all through good legs and feet moved with drive in good coat and condition, the best I have seen him go.
R.B.I.S/B.O.S. – Pick’s Llon Lili Bengam
B.P.l.S. – Graham's Nyliram Miss Joules and
B.V.l.S. – Ritchie's Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy at Slapestones JW.


Class 17 - Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Harvey’s: Hillcotstud Star Maker to Mariemead - sweet head , good shoulders nicely made throughout, at the moment a little bum high and needs to tighten up, movement correct front and back.
2. Salt’s: Islanza Scarlett O’Hara - rather shy, typical head a little more mature than 1 in body, stands on good legs, very loose on the move.

Class 18 - Puppy Bitch (6:2)

1. Graham’s: Nyrilam Miss Joules - Lovely head with kind expression, long neck into good shoulders, well developed for age, correct angulation, good bone with tight feet, rich colour, moves true coming and going BPB, BPIS. 
2. Smith’s Isfryn Hocus Pocus - Another nice puppy, pleasing head, good shoulders, shorter coupled than 1, well bodied for age, shown in good coat and condition, moves with drive. 
3. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Vespina
4. Salt’s: Islanza Scarlett O’Hara

Class 19 - Junior Bitch (7)

Mixed class, poor hind movement cost some a higher place.

1. Morgan & Schofield’s: Ferndel Silhouette of Cwsscwn - Best of heads, lovely expression, well made body just right for age, correct front and rear moved with drive, beautifully presented. 
2. Harrison’s: Glenbrows Paper Heart - Quality head and expression, well laid shoulders, good body, tight feet not as co-ordinated on the move as the winner. 
3. Smith’s: Isfryn Hocus Pocus
4. Place’s: Tammano Cadeil at Aarminias
5. Dixon’s: Riberred It Must Be You

Class 20 - Yearling Bitch (10)

Beautiful class, close between the places.

1. Pick’s: Llon Lili Bengam - This was my surprise of the day, a real Welsh head with chiselling. Mature in body, with good depth, strong quarters matched by well laid shoulders, so well made all through. Good legs and feet, in full coat of rich colour, came into her own on the move, pleased to award her the CC and on my co-judge’s agreement RBIS. 
2. Lancetts: Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili - not as mature as 1 but has a real Welsh head, is well balanced throughout, with good bone, shown in good coat, she moved out well and correctly. Her time will come. 
3. Caldwell’s: Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan - another quality bitch, from this kennel. 
4. Worth’s: Sarabande River Breeze (AI)
5. Place’s: Tammano Cadeil at Aarminias

Class 21 - Maiden Bitch (4:1)

1. Graham’s: Nyrilam Miss Joules - Repeat 
2. Smith’s: Isfryn Hocus Pocus - Repeat 
3. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Vespina

Class 22 - Novice Bitch (7:1)

1. Graham’s: Nyrilam Miss Joules - Repeat 
2. Smith’s: Isfryn Hocus Pocus - Repeat 
3. Place’s: Tammano Cadeil at Aarminias
4. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Vespina
5. Johns’: Roxdale Moondancer at Mastergunner

Class 23 - Graduate Bitch (5:1)

1. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond - sweet headed bitch, kind expression. Compact body with good ribbing, good legs and tight feet, shown in good condition, out moved the rest of this class. 
2. Fairhall’s: Ferndel Fairytale at Rubylea - nice head, well made with deep body, stands on good legs and feet, rather close behind on the move, close decision over: 
3. Place’s: Tammano Cadeil at Aarminias 
4. Le Maitre’s: Pamicks Alice Springs to Vannelmead

Class 24 - Post Graduate Bitch (8)

1. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond - Repeat 
2. Revill's Julita Rokahlua JW - Longer cast than 1, correct head with kind eye, well proportioned body, correct angulation, moves with drive, my notes say very happy! 
3. Graham & Denwood's: Lyndfil Zazu JW
4. Dimond & Boumonte’s: Islanza High Spot of Roxdale
5. Buckwell's: Killena Dance with Moonlight

Class 25 - Limit Bitch (9)

Class of lovely bitches, any on another day could have been placed and I could have done with 5 red cards.

1. Reynolds’: Slapestones Hepburn for Benoveor - Very feminine, has a melting expression, need to put your hands on her to appreciate her qualities beautifully made with well placed shoulders strong body and good quarters, in the best of coats, comes alive on the move, easy to overlook as can switch off when standing and lose her topline, however today she looked the part. Happy to award her the Res CC. 
2. Harrison’s: Glenbrows Future Romance JW - Unlucky to meet 1, beautiful head, good length of neck, mature body, in good coat and condition, moved out well when settled. Had to be good to beat another bitch I like very much. 
3. Tew’s: Pamicks Tilly Trotting
4. Lyons’: Bushwacker Hotspot
5. Dixon’s: Bodlon Star Attraction by Bushwacker

Class 26 - Open Bitch (6:1)

Excellent class

1. Lewin’s: Sh Ch Ferndel Voyage to Vynesbrook JW Sh CM - Beautiful head, long neck into good shoulders mature body with good depth and spring of rib, excels on the move, just kept losing her topline when it came to the challenge. 
2. Morgan & Schofield’s: Sh Ch Ferndel Butterkist Cwsscwn JW - Lots to like have done her well before, sweetest of heads, with lovely expression, well made throughout, moved well and with ease, very fidgety it was not her day today. 
3. Pick’s: Llon Alis
4. Worth’s: Sh Ch Shandwick Premier Rose at Sarabande JW Sh CM
5. Thomas’: Bowdonia Moment to Shine

Class 27 - Veteran Bitch (6)

What a good class of movers, they can still show the youngsters how it’s done.

1. Ritchie’s: Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy at Slapestones JW - A beautiful bitch, classic head, good shoulders, well ribbed body and is so balanced with good legs and feet, in good coat, she moves with real drive, close up to top honours, pleased for her to be BVIS. 
2. Evans’: Sycharth Catrin - an old favourite, lovely Welsh head now showing a little age, but so well made with good bone, can still move out correctly. 
3. Caldwell’s: Cerysan Purely by Chance
4. Revill’s: Julita Raskari
5. Dixon’s: Menstonia Fair Chance

Class 28 - Special Beginners Bitch (4:1)

1. Place’s: Tammano Cadeil at Aarminias - Res in junior, lovely head with good reach of neck, well bodied for age, nice legs and feet needs to strengthen behind, shown in good condition. 
2. Le Maitre’s: Pamicks Alice Springs to Vannelmead - classic head, good body shape, longer cast than winner, did not go well today. 
3. Charles’: Stagarth a Kind of Magic

Class 29 - Special New Members Bitch (1:1)

Class 30 - Special Working Bitch (3:1)

Both placed in a strong limit class.

1. Lyons’: Bushwacker Hotspot - nicely proportioned bitch. Pleasing head, well made body, good legs and feet, moves out with plenty of drive. 
2. Dixon’s: Bodlon Star Attraction by Bushwacker - close up to 1, slightly bigger all-round, good in head, well boned, moves happily and well.

Class 31 - Mrs Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes, Bitch bred by exhibitor (4:1)

1. Thomas’: Bowdonia Moment to Shine - Pleasing head with good expression, longer cast bitch. Strong body well ribbed, good shoulders and quarters, moves out with reach and drive, presented in good coat. 
2. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond - Repeat 
3. Evans’: Sycharth Catrin

Class 32 - Good Citizens Dog Scheme Bitch  (5:2)

1. Smith’s: Isfryn Hocus Pocus - Repeat 
2. Le Maitre’s: Pamicks Alice Springs to Vannelmead - Repeat 
3. Watson’s: Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark

BEST BITCH – Llon Lili Bengam
RESERVE BEST BITCH – Slapestones Hepburn for Benoveor
BEST PUPPY BITCH – Nyliram Miss Joules

BEST IN SHOW – Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW Sh CM 
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Llon Lili Bengam 
BEST PUPPY - Nyrilam Miss Joules 
RESERVE BEST PUPPY - Kamunting Cast Away to Benoveor 
BEST VETERAN – Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy at Slapestones JW

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