held at

The Drill Hall, Lower Church Street, Chepstow, NP16 5HJ

on SUNDAY 17th September 2017

Judge: Ms Tina Smith (Isfryn)

170917 wsscsw open show 373 cropBEST IN SHOW - Jacranella Serenade  
RESERVE BIS & BOS - Stedigan all in Good Time for Merrem 
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Stedigan Starz in Their Eyes
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella


170917 wsscsw open show 314DOG CLASSES

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (2:1)

1st - Davis’s Julita Rutland. Good neck into well placed shoulders, correct topline and tailset. Moderately angulated, well boned and tight feet. Balanced youngster shown in good coat and condition

Special Yearling (1)

1st - Davis’s Julita Rutland

Maiden Dog (0)

Novice Dog (0)

Graduate Dog (1)

1st - Davis’s Julita Rutland

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st - Stone’s Stedigan All In Good Time for Merrem. Compact, well coupled dog, lovely male head, nicely worked with pleasing expression. Good neck and shoulders. Correctly moderately angulated front and rear. Good forechest. Well off for bone. Moved well on tight feet keeping his topline and tail carriage. Good width of body and hindquarters when viewed from above. Presented in the best coat and condition (BD, RBIS, BOS)

2nd - Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Captain Vere. Kind expression. Slightly longer cast than 1, but stands on good tight feet. Plenty of bone. Ample length of neck, good front and rear angulation and nice tail set. Moved well

3rd - Ovey’s Bozida Rio

Limit Dog (3)

1st - Tew’s Pamicks Believe You Can JW. Happy dog shown in very good coat and condition, pleasing neck and shoulders, good rear angulation moved well when allowed to speed up and move freer

2nd - Jenkins’ Brynseiri Afan. Pleasing head with a kind eye, slightly longer cast than 1. Correct front angulation and nicely angulated behind. Balanced on the move. However not wearing his best clothes today

3rd - Ovey’s Bozidar Rio

Open Dog (1)

1st - Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo. Masculine head. Compact dog, good topline standing and on the move. Well coupled. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Correctly angulated front and rear. Plenty of bone and good feet. Filled the eye and moved well. Presented in good condition (RBD)

Special Beginners Dog (2:1)

1st - Ovey’s Bozidar Rio. Up to size boy, kind expression, well angulated, standing on good feet, however slightly overweight to allow him to move freely

Veteran Dog (0)

Special Working dog (1:1)

BEST DOG – Stedigan all in Good Time for Merrem
RESERVE BEST DOG – Jacranella Solo

170917 wsscsw open show 330BITCH CLASSES

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1st - Dixon’s Stedigan Starz in Their Eyes. Feminine head with good stop. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Good front angulation. Very balanced on the move for one so very young (BP)

2nd - Dixon’s Glenbrows Regalia. Lovely expression, feminine head. Good coat, nice feet and good rear angulation. A bit lively so difficult to assess movement accurately

Puppy Bitch (2)

1st - Dixon’s Stedigan Starz in Their Eyes

2nd -  Dixon’s Glenbrows Regalia

Junior Bitch (3)

1st - Jones’ Julita Rumours at Trosley. Beautiful bitch, good work in head, melting expression. Pleasing happy disposition. Very good neck and shoulders and angulation front and rear. Moved well with an ever wagging tail, very balanced (RBB)

2nd - Lancett’s Cwmbeili Madlen. Good neck and shoulders and well off for bone, nice feet. Pleasing top line and good tail carriage. Happy mover

3rd - Tew’s Pamicks Field of Dreams JW

Special Yearling Bitch (3:1)

1st - Jones’ Julita Rumours at Trosley

2nd - Dawson’s Ferndel Heather Dew. Attractive head. Good bone and tight feet, and nice overall shape. Presented well in lovely coat and condition. Correct rear angulation. Not so happy as one. Very quiet and reserved on the move

Maiden Bitch (1)

1st - Courtney’s Sycharth Land of My Fathers. Pretty bitch. Ample neck and shoulders and correct angulation front and rear. Rather narrow throughout, but moved OK. Would have benefitted from a bit more trimming

Novice Bitch (1)

1st - Courtney’s Sycharth Land of My Fathers

Graduate Bitch (4: 1)

1st - Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata. Soft expression, nice head with good work. Well coupled and compact. Well angulated front and rear. Excellent top line and tail carriage. Active and positive mover. Good feet. Presented in good coat and condition

2nd - Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Ortlinde. Out of a larger frame than one and not quite so compact, lovely expression, nice head. Good bone and feet. Preferred rear angulation of 1. Not quite so positive on the move, however was not handled by owner

3rd - Courtney’s Sycharth Land of My Fathers

Post Graduate Bitch (2:1)

1st - Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Vespina. Lovely pretty head, nice stop. Good forechest and upper arm. Nice bone and tight feet. A happy sound mover holding a good topline and tail carriage

Limit Bitch (3)

1st - Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade. Correctly proportioned head with a good stop. Lovely and typical Welsh Springer expression. Good forechest and length of upper arm. Compact and symmetrical and well coupled in profile and good width of body and hindquarters when viewed from above. Good front angulation. Kept correct topline and tail carriage on the move. Moved happily and positively. Presented in tip top condition (BB & BIS)

2nd - Lancett’s Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili. Lovely head. Good neck and shoulders and well angulated front and rear. Correct top line and tail carriage. Slightly rangier than 1 and out of a slightly larger mould, but non the less balanced and moved well

3rd - Madley’s Barhi Flaming Star at Maytag

Open Bitch (1)

1st - Sutherland’s Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony. Pretty head, good neck and shoulders and good angulation front and rear. Tight feet. Shown in good coat and condition, however she was slightly hesitant all round which showed on the move in her hind movement today

Special Beginners Bitch (3:1)

1st - Dawson’s Ferndel Heather Dew

2st - Courtney’s Sycharth Land of My Fathers

Veteran Bitch (2:1)

1st - Sutherland’s Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella. 8 year old bitch of super type, moved soundly on good feet. Compact and strong neck onto good shoulders. Ample upper arm and fore chest. Moderately angulated behind. Happy girl and positive mover

Special Working Bitch (0)

Special New Members (3:3)

Special Breeders Stakes Dog or Bitch (0)

BEST BITCH – Jacranella Serenade
RESERVE BEST BITCH – Julita Rumours at Trosley
BEST PUPPY BITCH – Stedigan Starz in Their Eyes


Judge: Anne Worth170917 wsscsw open show 227

I was delighted to be asked to judge the specials class at this friendly society’s open show. Despite a low entry overall today I had some lovely WSS to go over and I thank the exhibitors for their entry.

CLASS A: Special Junior Dog or Bitch

1st - Tew’s Pamicks Field of Dreams. B. Very feminine bitch who I have admired since I saw her as a puppy. Lovely head. Good length to neck. Well placed shoulders, straight front. Very balanced, mature body with good spring of rib. Well angled rear. good bone and feet. Shown in lovely coat. moved well but gives her handler a hard time as she tries to go too fast.

2nd -  Davis’ Julita Rutland. D. Young dog with lovely bone and feet. Good neck, shoulders. Nicely angled rear. Lovely body, balanced outline. Moved well, just needs to mature into his frame.

3rd -  Jones’ Julita Rumours at Trosby

CLASS B: Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch

1st -  Courtney’s Sycarth Land of My Fathers. Stood alone. Very pretty bitch. Good front and rear, needs to fill out in body for a more balanced look. In excellent coat. Moved okay.

CLASS C: Special Len Morgan Memorial Open Stakes Dog or Bitch

Three lovely bitches headed up this class and I'm sure all three could win on a different day.

1st - Lancett’s Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili. B. A very honest bitch. Lovely to go over and it is difficult to find anything you may want to change with her. Has matured nicely since her litter and is now the finished picture. Not a “flashy” bitch on the move but is very sound back and front which today won her this class. Surely top honours cannot be far away.

2nd - Sutherland’s Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony. B. Another really lovely bitch, similar comments as winner apply. Very balanced, feminine head, well made throughout. In lovely coat and condition. Today was not moving steadily behind which cost her first place.

3rd - Madeley’s Bahri Flaming Star at Maytag


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