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Championship Show

Held on Sunday 31st March 2013 at Chepstow, Gwent


Dogs - Jane Graham (Nyliram)
Bitches - Martin Greenwood (Telkaro)
Referee: - Kath Morgan (Cwrt Afon)


Best in Show - Pennylock Rhian of Manmoel

Reserve BIS and BOS - Cherryheath's Mr Mischief J.W.

Best Puppy - Glenbrows Rainman

also (not in above photo)

Best Veteran - Tannamoor Hallmark at Lligwy Sh CM

Reserve Best Puppy - Amblelight Sunglow

Reserve Dog - Ferndel Justin Time

Reserve Bitch - Ferndel Butterkist Cwsswn J.W.



Minor Puppy Dog (1)

    1. Backhouse & Scougall: Ferndel Newsflash From Shannas N.A.F. T.A.F

Puppy Dog (3)

    1. Harrison's : Glenbrows Rainman (Best Puppy )
    2. Graham & Rummey's Slapestones Beau Sancy
    3. Frost & Troth's: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz

Junior Dog (3:1)

    1. Douglas': Ferndel Justin Time (Reserve C.C.)
    2. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Georgio

Yearling Dog (5)

    1. Barkley's: Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW (C.C.)
    2. Graham & Denwood's: Slapestones Newman at Lyndfil
    3. Hassell's: Chanangel Night Watchman at Kytreveglos
    4. S.Georgio
    5. Ovey's: Bozidar Rio

Maiden Dog (No entries)

Novice Dog (3)

    1. C. Cartier Topaz
    2. Ovey's: Bozidar Rio

Undergraduate Dog (5:1)

    1. F. Justin Time
    2. C. Cartier Topaz
    3. Le Maitre: Pamicks Above & Beyond at Vannelmead
    4. Cooper's: Fiergen City Limits

Graduate Dog (2:1)

    1. Stone's: Stedigan Pipers Piping

Post Graduate Dog (8:1)

    1. Tolladay: Ferndel Commander of Bethesden
    2. Backhouse's : Aindrea Lotofunwioutlafin JW
    3. Gameson & Hunnable: Ambika Adenium
    4. Evans': Typica Kingfisher
    5. Salt's: Islanza Cha Ching

Limit Dog (10:1)

    1. Tew's: Pamicks Dazzling Boy JW
    2. Salt's: Islanza Oh Boy
    3. Bott's: Ferndel Porthos For Maeslech
    4. Reynolds': Glenbrows Band of Brothers for Benoveor JW
    5. Gill's: Brenros Take Me Right Round JW

Open Dog (8:3)

    1. Murrey's: Slapestones Mars at Priestbeck
    2. Reynolds': Glenbrows This Is It at Benoveor JW
    3. Harvey's: Pennylock Red Baron at Mariemead
    4. Buckwell's: Killena Iceman
    5. Baguley & Attwood's: Kyleowen Gerrans Sh.CM

Veteran Dog (4:2)

    1. Baguley & Crowther's: Tannamoor Hallmark at Lligwy Sh.CM
    2. Westerman's: Menstonia King & Country of Cashmere JW

Special Beginners Dog (4)

    1. S.Pipers Piping
    2. Nicoll's: Amblelight Suhail at Antreth
    3. Boumonte & Dimond's: Whitestone Joyful Ziggy of Roxdale
    4. B.Rio

Special New Members Dog (3)

    1. F Justin Time
    2. A.Suhail at A
    3. F.City Limits

Special Working Dog (No entries)

Danny Pritchard Special Memorial Stakes (No entries)


Best Dog: Cherryheath's Mr Mischief

Reserve Best Dog: Ferndel Justin Time:

Best Puppy Dog: Glenbrows Rainman



Minor Puppy Bitch (No Entries)

Puppy Bitch (7:1)

    1. Blackford's: Amblelight Sunglow (BOS Puppy)
    2. Frost's: Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond
    3. Thomas': Bowdonia Moment to Shine
    4. Harvey's: Bushwacker Fatal Attraction to Mariemead
    5. Woodward & Thomas' Bowdonia Time To Dream

Junior Bitch (9)

    1. Gately & Jackson's: Russethill Royal Jubilee
    2. Tew's: Pamicks Tilly Trotting JW
    3. Harrison's: Glenbrows Future Hope
    4. Buckwell's: Rosolly You've Got The Love
    5. Simmons': Bevan Our Loyal Welsh For Glynell (Imp Ned)

Yearling Bitch (6:1)

    1. Smith's: Cherryheath's Miss Dior
    2. R. You've Got The Love
    3. Boumonte & Diamond's: Braith's Christmas Love
    4. Watson's: Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark
    5. Buckwell's: Killena Moonlight & Roses

Maiden Bitch (6:2)

    1. R. Royal Jubilee
    2. C. Cartier Diamond
    3. B. Time To Dream
    4. Primmer's: Amanshe Golden Revelation

Novice Bitch (7:1)

    1. R.Royal Jubilee
    2. C. Cartier Diamond
    3. B. Moment To Shine
    4. R. You've Got The Love
    5. Bevan Our Loyal Welsh For G.

Undergraduate (4:1)

    1. R. Royal Jubilee
    2. G. Future Hope
    3. Primmer's: Julita Revelation at Amanshe

Graduate Bitch (6:1)

    1. Thomas' : Bowdonia Star Catcher JW
    2. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Guiletta
    3. G.Future Hope
    4. Stidson's: Roxdale Lowri Avec Ypagneul
    5. Lyon's: Bushwacker Hotspot

Post Graduate Bitch (13: 1)

    1. Morgan & Schofield's: Ferndel Butterkist Cwsscwn JW (Res.C.C.)
    2. Backhouse's: Aindrea Aint Misbehavin
    3. Charles' Menstonia Iolanthe of Stagarth
    4. Harrison's : Glenbrows Poetry JW
    5. Boumonte & Diamond's: Roxdale Lilwen

Limit Bitch (9:1)

    1. Caffrey & Dods: Gellyburn Gaelic Damsel At Balcraig
    2. Woodward's: Bowdonia Chasing Dreams
    3. Munday's: Hilllrobin Brockanfield Among Ambika
    4. Dixon's: Menstonia Fair Chance
    5. Butler's: Ferndel Take A Chance

Open Bitch (6)

    1. Masson's: Pennylock Rhian of Manmoel (C C.)
    2. Harrison's: Sh.Ch.Glenbrows Tribute to Weslave JW
    3. Caffrey & Dods: Sh.Ch. Gellyburn Damselfly JW Sh.CM
    4. Attwood's: Kyleowen Gyllynvase
    5. Hassell's: Rhapsody Angel By Kytreveglos

Veteran Bitch (4:1)

    1. Evans': Sycharth Catrin
    2. Hassell's: Crimson Angel
    3. Jackson's: Ardinia Angel Baye

Special Beginners Bitch (4)

    1. R.Lilwen
    2. Evans': Yberfa Lili Bychan
    3. Boumonte & Diamond's: Bushwacker Miss Elliot of Roxdale
    4. R.Lowri Avec Y.

Special New Members Bitch (2:1)

    1. B.Chasing Dreams
    2. Special Working Bitch (2)
    3. B.Hotspot
    4. Evans': Sycharth Hob y Deri Dando

Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes Bitch (4)

    1. A.Sunglow
    2. S.Catrin
    3. Y.Lili Bychan
    4. K. Gyllyngvase

Best Bitch: Pennylock Rhian of Manmoel

Reserve Best Bitch: Ferndel Butterkist Cwsscwn JW

Best Puppy Bitch: Amblelight Sunglow


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