Championship Show

Held on Sunday 31st March 2013 at Chepstow, Gwent


Dogs - Jane Graham (Nyliram)
Bitches - Martin Greenwood (Telkaro)
Referee: - Kath Morgan (Cwrt Afon)

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I would like to thank the committee firstly for inviting me to judge at the Club Show and also for making the day so special. It is obvious everyone works hard to ensure the day goes smoothly and credit must be given for running such a great show.

I had a lovely selection of dogs to judge and was pleased to see there are some promising youngsters coming through and I do think temperaments are getting better. Presentation on the whole was good, just a few were over clipped around the neck for my taste !

I agreed with my co-judge Martin Greenwood that the bitch should be awarded BIS and the dog RBIS, the referee Kath Morgan chose the dog for BPIS, and we both agreed that the dog was BVIS.


Judge Jane Graham (Nyliram)


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Backhouse & Scougall's Ferndel News Flash From Shannas NAF TAF [•], eyecatching youngster, super head and expression, straight front and good feet, ample body for age. With a little more confidence he should have a bright future.

Puppy Dog (3)

  1. Harrison's Glenbrows Rainman [•], loved his head and gentle expression, excels in neck and shoulders. Straight front with good feet. Compact and well balanced throughout, moved true with correct topline. Presentation first class as one would expect from this kennel. BPD and BPIS on referee's decision.
  2. Graham & Rumney's Slapestones Beau Sancy pleasing youngster with lots to like, a little longer in loin than 1 and not quite the body properties as yet. Moved soundly.
  3. Frost & Troth's Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz, attractive dog of smaller frame, moved well in profile, but was untidy coming and going.

Junior Dog (3,1)

  1. Douglas' Ferndel Justin Time [•], this young dog really caught my eye, he has the loveliest head and dark eyes, strong neck, well laid shoulders and good depth of chest. Moved very soundly with drive holding correct topline and tail carriage. Really upped his game in the challenge to take the RCC. Im sure he will have a bright future.
  2. Luckett-Roynon's Solva Giorgio not as mature as 1, lovely breed type, moved well once settled.

Yearling Dog (5)

  1. Barkley's Cherryheath Mr Mischief JW [•], handsome dog, who lives up to his name with more than a hint of mischief in his expression. Masculine throughout, shows no hint of coarseness, presents a lovely outline when stood, excels in neck and shoulders, straight legs with ample bone and tight feet. Good spring of rib, strong in loin and well muscled hindquarters which enable him to move freely with sound driving action holding correct topline and tail carriage. Delighted to award him the CC (his first) and RBIS in agreement with the co- judge.
  2. Graham & Denwood's Slapestones Newman At Lyndfil, liked him for type, lovely head, well made throughout. Still needs to develop in loin but overall very nice.
  3. Hassell's Chanangel Night Watchman At Kytreveglos, masculine throughout, appealed for breed type, lovely coat just a fraction overweight for me.

Novice Dog (3,1)

  1. Frost & Troth's Cochnaid Cartier Topaz [•]
  2. Ovey's Bozidar Rio, heavier made, well ribbed with good depth of chest. A little heavy in shoulders which gives the impression he is stuffy in neck.

Undergraduate Dog (5,1)

  1. Douglas' Ferdel Justin Time
  2. Frost & Troth's Cochnaid Cartier Topaz
  3. Le Maitre's Pamicks Above and Beyond At Vannelmead, lovely head, good body properties, maturing nicely but to be critical would prefer more compactness and tighter feet.

Graduate Dog (2,1)

  1. Stone's Stedigan Pipers Piping [•], presents a good outline but just needs to mature to complete the picture, moved out well.

Post Graduate Dog (8,1)

  1. Tolladay's Ferndel Commander Of Bethersden [•], this boy really stood out for me in the class, looks a picture from every angle, in super coat and condition, he just flagged in the challenge which cost him dearly today. Im sure he has a bright future.
  2. Backhouse's Aindrea Lotofunwioutlafin JW pleasing head, nicely made throughout, slightly smaller frame but well balanced. Moved well.
  3. Gameson & Hunnable's Ambika Adenium a new one to me, very promising but not the maturity of 1 & 2, sound mover, liked him a lot.

Limit Dog (10,2)

  1. Tew's Pamicks Dazzling Boy [•], I have done this lad well before and still like him now he has fully matured. Everything in the right place and best mover in the class but just felt he was carrying a bit much weight on his shoulders today for top honours.
  2. Salt's Islanza Oh Boy, appeals for breed type, lovely head and expression, well made throughout, in lovely coat and condition just not as positive in rear movement as winner today.
  3. Bott's Ferndel Porthos For Maseloch really like this boy, loved his head and expression but today was giving his handler a hard time. Didn't move as well as I know he can and it cost him dearly.

Open Dog (8,3)

  1. Murray's Slapestones Mars At Priestbeck [•], scores in head and expression, good front and feet, Well ribbed with good depth of chest and strong in loin. Moved well in class but not as settled in the challenge.
  2. Reynolds' Glenbrows This Is It At Benoveor JW, pleasing dog in good coat and condition, a little longer in loin than 1 but overall nice type. Moved well.
  3. Harvey's Pennylock Red Baron At Mariemead, a little exuberant, well presented just preferred the movement of winners.

Veteran Dog (4,2)

Two lovely 9 year olds and both a credit to their owners. Both of good breed type and moved soundly. 1 had the edge on coat and condition and was delighted my co-judge agreed he should be awarded BVIS

  1. Baguley & Crowther's Tannamoor Hallmark at Lligwy ShCM [•]
  2. Westerman's Menstonia King And Country Of Cashmere JW

Special Beginners Dog (4)

  1. Stone's Stedigan Pipers Piping
  2. Nicoll's Amblelight Suhail At Anreth, smaller framed, pleasing head, good front and feet. Well presented and handled. Close decision between 2 & 3 just preferred head and expression of this boy.
  3. Boumonte & Dimond's Whitestone Joyful Ziggy Of Roxdale, nicely made, moved well at one with handler.

Special New Members Dog (3)

  1. Douglas' Ferndel Justin Time
  2. Nicoll's Amblelight Suhail At Anreth
  3. Cooper's Fiergen City Limits, nice make and shape, just needs to strengthen in rear movement.




It was a great pleasure to judge Bitches at this well run show. I had an excellent entry with a lot of lovely bitches, all with good temperaments. Typical WSS bitches.

Judge - Martin Greenwood

Minor Puppy Bitch - No Entries.

Puppy Bitch (7, 1 abs)

  1. Blackford’s Amblelight Sunglow, soft expressive, balanced head, everything in the right place, correct angles front & rear, carried tail correctly on the move, moved with drive. BPB.
  2. Frost’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Diamond, soft expression with dark eye, square muzzle in balance with head, good front & rear, in good condition, just didn’t move as well as 1. I am sure they will both have a bright future.
  3. Thomas’s Bowdonia Moment to Shine, feminine head with soft expression, coat colour a bit on the pale side for me, good front, nice tight feet, well-muscled rear quarters, moved ok.

Junior Bitch (9)

  1. Gately & Jackson’s Russethill Royal Jubilee, balanced head with soft expression, good sharp eye, strong neck & clean front, correct shoulder placement & good rear angulation, in super coat, pleasing to watch her move round the ring, one to watch in the future.
  2. Tew’s Pamicks Tilly Trotting JW, a size bigger than 1, soft expressive balanced head, good body, in good coat & condition, correct front & rear angulation, nice tight feet, move well, just preferred size of 1.
  3. Harrison’s Glenbrows Future Hope, nice soft expression, balanced head, clean neck, neat feet, well presented, good angulation front & rear, just carrying too much weight on the shoulders which throws the front out on the move.

Yearling Bitch (6, 1 abs)

  1. Smith’s Cherryheath’s Miss Dior, good dark eye with soft expression, balanced head & muzzle, clean strong neck, correct front & rear angulation which showed on the move, carried tail correctly, in super coat & condition.
  2. Buckwell’s Rosolly You’ve Got The Love, balanced head, dark eye with soft expression, good clean neck & shoulders,  good rear angulation, moved well round the ring, carried tail correctly.
  3. Boumonte & Dimond’s Braiths Christmas Love, balanced head in proportion with body, strong neck leading to good lay of shoulder,  neat feet, strong rear quarters, just lacked sparkle.

Maiden Bitch (5, 1 abs)

  1. Gately & Jackson’s Russethill Royal Jubilee.
  2. Frost’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Diamond.
  3. Woodward & Thomas’s Bowdonia Time To Dream, presenting a balanced outline, in good coat & condition, movement could have been better.

Novice Bitch (7, 1 abs)

  1. Gately & Jackson’s Russethill Royal Jubilee.
  2. Frost’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Diamond.
  3. Thomas’s Bowdonia Moment To Shine.

Undergraduate Bitch (4, 1 abs)

  1. Gately & Jackson’s Russethill Royal Jubilee.
  2. Harrison’s Glenbrows Future Hope,
  3. Primmer’s Julita Revelation at Amanshe, balanced typical welsh, good front & rear angulation, lost out on front movement, a bit too wide in front for me.

Graduate Bitch (6, 1 abs)

  1. Thomas’s Bowdonia Star Catcher JW, balanced bitch, dark eye with soft expression, square muzzle, correct front angulation, strong well-muscled rear, nice neat feet, carried tail correctly on the move, moved with drive.
  2. Luckett-Roynan’s Solva Guiletta, melting expression, good square muzzle, strong neck. correct front & rear angles, in good coat & condition, just lost out on movement to 1.
  3. Harrison’s Glenbrows Future Hope.

Post Graduate Bitch (14, 1 abs)

  1. Morgan & Schofield’s Ferndel Butterkist Cwsswn JW, beautiful balanced bitch, lovely head & expression, correct front & rear angulation, just the right amount of bone, very well presented & handled, carried tail correctly, moved with drive, RCC.
  2. Backhouse’s Aindrea Aint Misbehavin, another lovely bitch with everything in the right place, moved well carrying tail correctly, just preferred the head of 1.
  3. Charles’s Menstonia Iolanthe of Stagarth, balanced typical welsh, good angles front & rear, a bit too wide in front for me which affected her movement.

Limit Bitch (9, 1 abs)

  1. Caffrey & Dods, Gellyburn Gaelic Damsel at Balcraig, pleasing head soft to the eye, good reach of neck, correct front & rear angulation, neat feet, maturing into a lovely bitch, moved well.
  2. Woodward’s Bowdonia Chasing Dreams, another lovely bitch from this kennel, balanced bitch overall,  pleasing eye & expression, good spring of rib, neat feet with good bone, moved well & carried tail correctly.
  3. Monday’s Hillrobin Brockanfield among Ambika, pleasing bitch I have admired for a long while but didn’t look her best today, presentation could have been better (trimming).

Open Bitch (7, 1 abs)

  1. Masson’s Pennylock Rhian of Manmoel, have judged this bitch before and she has matured into a lovely welsh, feminine head with lovely soft expression - lots of work in it, good reach of neck, correct front & rear angles, good ribs & depth of chest, good muscle tone throughout, in top condition & very well presented, moved round the ring at just the right pace which stood out, very pleased indeed to award her the CC & in agreement with my co judge BIS.
  2. Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Tribute to Weslave JW, another lovely bitch which has all the qualities of 1, soft expression, good neck & shoulder s, good depth of chest, good muscle tone, moved well, preferred head of 1.
  3. Caffrey & Dods Sh Ch Gellyburn Damselfly JW ShCM, lovely bitch with all the qualities of 1 & 2 but didn’t have the sparkle today I was looking for, good head with soft expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders & front angulation, neat feet, good muscle tone, moved well.

Veteran Bitch (3)

  1. Evans Sycharth Catrin, 8½ years and in good coat & condition, balanced head with soft expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and strong rear quarters which showed on the move.
  2. Hassell’s Crimson Angel, another lovely veteran about the same age as 1, in good condition, nice head shape, similar remarks as 1 except didn’t move as well.
  3. Jackson’s Ardinia Angel Baye, well presented, in good condition,, soft expressive head good angles fore & aft, neat feet, movement erratic.

Special Beginners Bitch (4)

  1. Boumonte & Dimond’s Roxdale Lilwen, pleasing head with dark eye, good strong neck, good angles front & rear, nice neat feet, moved well.
  2. Evan’s Yberfa Lili Bychan, well put together, good coat & condition, good front & rear angulation, moved well.
  3. Boumonte & Dimond’s Bushwacker Missy Elliot of Roxdale, soft expression with good work in head, larger than 1 & 2 but still balanced.

Special New Members Bitch (2, 1 abs)

  1. Woodward’s Bowdonia Chasing Dreams.

Special Working Bitch (2)

  1. Lyon’s Bushwacker Hotspot, balanced head with sharp eye & soft expression, very alert, in good hard condition, good overall balance.
  2. Evans Sycarth Hob Y Derri Dando, pleasing head with soft expression, good reach of neck, well angulated front & rear, in good coat, just wasn’t as alert as 1.

Mrs Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes bred by exhibitor (5, 1 abs)

  1. Blackford’s Amblelight Sunglow.
  2. Evans Sycharth Catrin.
  3. Evans Yberfa Lili Bychan.
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