The Drill Hall, Lower Church Street, Chepstow. NP16 5HJ
Sunday 16th September 2012

Judge Tim Harrison (Glenbrows)

Many thanks for the kind invitation and wonderful welcome on the day;
a day I thoroughly enjoyed!

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Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1 Ritchie & Tindal's: Slapestones Eros [•]
Promising youngster who has grown to an advantage of late. Pleasing masculine head with kind eye. Good length of neck laid into good shoulders, his good forehand angulation is matched by pleasing development of his quarters. He demonstrates a sound and easy gait which took him to BPIS

2 Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Giorgio
Very confident young male who makes assessing him difficult! However, he is longer cast than the winner and not yet as sound in movement, but much of that is down to his youthful exuberance.

Puppy Dog (2)
1 Ritchie & Tindal's: Slapestones Eros
2 Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Giorgio

Junior Dog (2)
1 Barkley's: Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW [•]
A lovely young dog, plenty there already but much more to come! Lovely masculine head with the most wonderful expression, I saw softness and wickedness in the blink of an eye! pleasing length of neck into good shoulders; adequate length and lay of upperarm, excellent bone and feet. Good middle piece, nicely ribbed back and strong loin. His quarters are developing well, short below the hock and proper tail set. Movement sound and true, although be wary of moving him too fast. He covers the ground well holding a good topline. Stood free, what you see is what you get; my pleasure to award him BD, in the challenge for BIS his joy of life and that wonderful expression topped the entry against an outstanding bitch, BIS and I am sure there are many more great wins for this boy.

2 Place's: Slapestones Sinatra At Aarminias
Elegant young dog, pleasing type but not the substance or tail carriage of 1.

Special Yearling (2)
1 Place's: Slapestones Sinatra At Aarminias [•]
Won here on compactness and sounder movement
2 Stone's: Stedigan Pipers Piping
Well presented male who needs to body up.

Maiden Dog (1)
1 Gameson & Hunnable's: Ambika Adenium [•]
Strong young dog who could be made much more of with practice and attention to detail in presentation. Good bone, deep ribs and a quality coat.

2  Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Giorgio

Novice Dog (0)

Graduate Dog (3-1)

1 Place's: Slapestones Sinatra At Aarminias
2 Stone's: Stedigan Pipers Piping

Post Graduate Dog (3-1)
1 Evans's: Typica Kingfisher [•]
Upto size, but a good type, lovely masculine head and good neck and shoulders. Maturity will suit him better, needs a bigger ring to appreciate him further as today his front movement was rather loose which prevented him from going further.

2 Stone's: Stedigan Pipers Piping

Limit Dog (1)
1 Evans's: Coedybrain Ryan Ar Nantlle [•]
Interesting male who too would probably benefit from a larger ring. Pleasing in head and overall proportions in profile I would prefer him to be broader throughout.

Open Dog (1)
1 Harvey's: Pennylock Red Baron With Mariemead [•]
What a handful! Masculine dog presented in full coat of wonderful colour and texture. Gave his handler a really hard time today, enjoyed himself immensely but this did his tail carriage no favours.

Special Beginners Dog (1)
1 Place's: Slapestones Sinatra At Aarminias

Veteran Dog (2-1)
1 Worth's: Sh. Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM [•]
A great ambassador for the breed and a credit to his owner. Having competed against him many times delighted to have the chance to judge him. Medium sized male with great bone, deep ribs strong loin and good feet. Presented in immaculate order his movement is still strong and true, Res BD and BVIS.

Special Working Dog (2)
1 Smith's: lsfryn Park End J.W. [•]
Pleasing male of good size and overall proportions, well boned, deep ribs and a happy mover.

2 Steadman's: Stedigan One In Ten J.W.


Best Dog
Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW

Reserve Best Dog
Sh. Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM

Best Puppy Dog
Slapestones Eros

Best Veteran Dog
Sh. Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM


Minor Puppy Bitch (3)
1 Evans's: Yberfa Lili Bychan [•]
Young broken coated girl with a typical head. Very immature presently which shows in her movement, however, her overall proportions and ring behaviour resulted in her heading the class.

2 Primmer's: Amanshe Golden Revelation
Pleasing in outline, but needs to develop in body and feet could tighten to an advantage.

3 Jenkins's: Graygees High Calibre

Puppy Bitch (0)

Junior Bitch (2-1)

1 Smith's: lsfryn Lickety Split [•]
Pretty young bitch with an ever wagging tail, good bone and nice ribs.

Special Yearling Bitch (6)
1 Revill's: Julita Rinatasha J.W. [•]
Maturing well, feminine yet substantial and with good strong bone; typical of her kennel. Kind eye, good construction all round she pushed the mature bitches today; her time will come.

2 Thomas's: Bowdonia Star Catcher J.W.
Strong bitch, little too heavy in head and shoulder for me, but of pleasing type all round.

3 Smith's: lsfryn Lickety Split
4 Lyon's: Bushwacker Hotspot

Maiden Bitch (0)

Novice Bitch (0)

Graduate Bitch (5-1)

1 Thomas's: Bowdonia Star Catcher J.W. [•]
2 Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Guiletta
Typical of this kennel, could have been moved to a better advantage.

3 Lyon's: Bushwacker Hotspot

Post Graduate Bitch (5-1)
1 Masson's: Coedybrain Rebecca Of Manmoel [•]
Good bitch , upto size but well made throughout. Good bone and well developed ribs; should produce well.

2 Primmer's: Julita Revelation At Amanshe
Strongly made girl who is basically sound in all departments, perhaps lacking a little refinement.

3 Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Guiletta
4 Harvey's: Trannon Splash of Class to Mariemead

Limit Bitch (5-1)
1 Sutherland's: Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella [•]
Great favourite of mine, feminine yet substantial, again very typical of her breeders kennel. She possess a lovely head, good length of neck into nicely laid shoulders, well developed in the rib cage and strong quarters. Not the shortest of bitches and today the hall was a little small for her to really move to an advantage, but the profile movement is good, delighted to award her Res BB and one I would gladly own.

2 Masson's: Pennylock Rhian Of Manmoel
Pleasing bitch but not quite the balance of 1.

3 Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Octavia

Open Bitch (5)
1 Ritchie's: Sh. Ch. Hillrobin Galaxy At Slapestones J.W. [•]
Again, a great favourite and current competitor! Thank you for the opportunity of judging her. She is very, very typical, a lovely compact bitch, great legs and feet, her body is deep and strong with lovely angulation fore and aft. Her movement is clean, co-ordinated and strong, my pleasure to award her BB & res BIS to the young male, but it was a close call!

2 Worth's: Sh Ch Shandwick Premier Rose At Sarabande J.W.
Again, one I have stood next to in the ring many times, shown and presented in immaculate coat, today just a little heavy which showed in her movement.

3 Thomas's: Sherdrew In Your Dreams With Bowdonia
4 Jones's: Pennylock Ruby Red

Special Beginners Bitch (3-2)
1 Price & Randall-Price's: Coedybrain Gwenilian [•]
Pretty girl who enjoyed her day, little fine on bone for me.

Veteran Bitch (5-2)
1 Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Zerbinetta [•]
Soundest mover in the class, she possesses  a lovely head piece, nice angulation and sound mover.

2 Evans's: Sycharth Catrin
One I have judged before, but today couldn't match the movement of 1.

3 Lancett's: Highmere Martha

Special Working Bitch (3)
1 Barkley's: Cherryheath's Miss Chief J.W. [•]
Mature strong bitch, basically sound all through, it is clear to see where her son comes from.

2 Lyon's: Bushwacker Hotspot
Young bitch, pleasing in outline but lacks substance and head needs to develop more,

3 Evans's: Sycharth Hob Y Derri Dando

Special New Member's Award (1)
1 Lancett's: Highmere Martha [•]
Grand old lady who must have been even lovelier in her youth.


Tim Harrison (Judge)

Best Bitch
Sh. Ch. Hillrobin Galaxy At Slapestones J.W.

Reserve Best Bitch
Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella

Best Puppy Bitch
Yberfa Lili Bychan

Best Veteran Bitch
Solva Zerbinetta
Best in Show
Cherryheath's Mr Mischief J.W.

Reserve Best in Show
Sh. Ch. Hillrobin Galaxy At Slapestones J.W.

Best Puppy in Show
Slapestones Eros

Best Opposite Sex Puppy
Yberfa Lili Bychan

Best Veteran in Show
Sh. Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM