held at

Earlswood and Newchurch West Memorial Hall, Shirenewton. NP16 6AW


Judge: Mrs. Julie Williams (Trebettyn)


winning_lineup_250Firstly can I apologise for the lateness of this report, e-mailed as I thought on the 19th September but sadly a corrupt file which didn't go anywhere.  Have had to try to re-write the critique from patchy notes, so from now on I think I will go back to paper and pen.

I would like to thank the Officer’s and Committee for their hospitality and to congratulate them on the smooth running of the show after a very late unexpected move to a different venue.  A venue which I think was a move for the better.

Thank you to the exhibitors that entered and travelled to award me the pleasure of judging their lovely Welsh Springers, I certainly enjoyed my day.  Temperaments throughout the day were very good, movement in some was not as it should be but some seemed to cope better with the springy floor than others.  A couple of ‘iffy’ mouths, please check these regularly.

Julie Williams

Class 1 - Minor Puppy Dog (4:1)

1. Johnstone’s: Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta - BD, BPD, RBIS & BPIS Johnstone’s Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta as you can see I really liked this young man, 8 months old, well made, lovely head, dark eye, good bone and feet, super outline, very mature, moved extremely well for one so young.  Will watch this young lad with interest.
2. Breeze’s: Glenbrows Paintbox At Clynewood - 8 months, he certainly gives his handler a hard time, good overall outline. Moved OK
3. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Vasil

Class 2 - Puppy Dog (4:1)

1. Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta
2. Glenbrows Paintbox At Clynewood
3. Solva Vasil

Class 3 - Junior Dog (2)

1. Frost & Troth’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz - 14 months, tends to roach and then slightly top off on the stack not helped by the handler picking up from underneath him, moved ok.
2. Evans’: Typica Red Kite - another dog that gave his handler a hard time, little longer cast than one and not so mature, ok for bone, good feet, well-muscled, moved ok when he settled.

Class 4 - Special Yearling Dog (2)

1 Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Giorgio - immature but an honest young dog, correct topline and tailset, good bone and feet, just preferred this lad in front to 2.
2 Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz

Class 5 - Maiden Dog (1)

1. Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta

Class 6 - Novice Dog (3)

1. Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta
2. Typica Red Kite
3. Ovey’s: Bozidar Rio

Class 7 - Graduate Dog (4)

1. Solva Giorgio
2. Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz
3. Stone’s: Stedigan Pipers Piping
4. Bozidar Rio

Class 8 - Post Graduate Dog (2)

1. Johnston’s: Coedybrain Terfel At Diales - although on a smaller frame there is a lot to like about this young dog, lovely shape on the stack, beautifully presented.
2. Gameson & Hunnable’s: Ambika Adenium - larger framed all through than 1, head a little broad for me just didn’t move quite as well as 1

Class 9 - Limit Dog (3)

1. Evans’: Typica Kingfisher - good shape overall, ample bone stood on decent feet. Well off for depth, good angulation moved ok although a little wide in front. Well handled.
2. Barkleys’: Cherryheath's Mr Mischief J.W. Sh Cm - one of the dogs that didn't appear to handle the sprung floor today, never settled in rear movement so didn't give of his best.
3. Steadman’s: Stedigan One In Ten J.W.

Class 10 - Open Dog (NO ENTRIES)

Class 11 - Special Beginners Dog (3)

1. Coedybrain Terfel At Diales
2. Typica Red Kite
3. Bozidar Rio

Class 12 - Veteran Dog (2:1)

1. Worth’s: Sh.Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM - 1& RBD, BVIS. Although greying around the head he does not act his 9 years, he moved with drive and purpose, turned out and handled to perfection. I think this dog has improved with age, lovely shape in profile, could not be denied his placings today.

Class 13 - Special Working Dog (2)

1. Stedigan Pipers Piping - nice dog in profile, good angulation, correct top line and tail set. He was just a little erratic on the move.
2. Smith’s: Isfryn Park End J.W. - lovely type on this dog, not the biggest and a little overweight. Moved ok.

BEST DOG - Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta

RESERVE BEST DOG - Sh.Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM

BEST PUPPY DOG DOG - Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta

Class 14 - Minor Puppy Bitch (3:1)

1. Steadman’s: Stedigan Boo To You Too - BPB, BOSP. Too 6 months and 3 days, lovely shape to this puppy, ample bone, good feet, loved her head and expression, very sweet little girl moved ok once she settled.
2. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Venus - this young lady was a little unsettled and moved very erratically, ok for overall shape, good head, would like to see her again once she has matured some.

Class 15 - Puppy Bitch (2:1)

1. Solva Venus

Class 16 - Junior Bitch (5:1)

1. Revill & Taylor's: Julita Rokahlua - RBB could have happily taken this young lady home, lovely clean lines, super head and expression, good eye, loved her shape, ample angulation throughout, nicely balanced, good bone and tight feet.  Moved very well, will watch her with interest. Beautifully presented and handled.
2. Frost’s: Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond - unlucky to meet one. Loved her head, she had a lovely overall shape I just preferred the front movement on the winner. Another beautifully presented.
3. Simmons’: Bevan Our Loyal Welsh For Glynell (Imp Ned)
4. Williams’: Typica Swallow

Class 17 - Special Yearling Bitch (4:1)

1. Julita Rokahlua
2. Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond
3. Bevan Our Loyal Welsh For Glynell (imp Ned)

Class 18 - Maiden Bitch NO ENTRIES

Class 19 - Novice Bitch (2)

1. Evans’: Yberfa Lili Bychan - good overall shape on this lass, well off for bone, carrying good muscle tone, would like to see a better front on the move.
2. Typica Swallow - this lass needs time to mature, she is of a good overall shape, her feet could be tighter but this could come with age, lacking in coat and feathering at the moment.

Class 20 - Graduate Bitch (5:1)

1. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Guiletta - liked the shape on this girl, looked lovely stacked, she had lovely angulation, good bone and feet in good coat and condition. Would love to see her mov in an outdoor ring, she looks like she could really move.
2. Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond
3. Lyon’s: Bushwacker Hotspot
4. Bevan Our Loyal Welsh For Glynell (Imp Ned)

Class 21 - Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1. Revill’s: Julita Rinatasha J.W. - have watched this bitch with interest, liked her as a puppy and she has matured into a really pretty bitch. Good shape, lovely head and eye, adequate angulation correct top line held on the move. Just liked her kennel mate better for RBB.
2. Bushwacker Hotspot

Class 22 - Limit Bitch (5:1)

1. Masson’s: Coedybrain Rebecca Of Manmoel - BB, BIS. I have always loved this bitch, handler does not always get the best out of her and her top line is not her fortune when stacked, yes it is obvious BUT you cannot take the rest of it away from her, from her beautiful head right through to her strong back end.  She has the head and expression I see as correct for a Welsh, good bone and feet and today was the soundest moving exhibited.  I could hear the comments about her top line but her other qualities far outshone.
2. Luckett-Roynan’s: Solva Octavia - good headed, broken coated bitch, she has ample angulation, good bone and feet.  Moved ok.
3. Monday’s: Hillrobin Brockanfield Among Ambika
4. Sutherland's: Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella

Class 23 - Open Bitch (8:2)

1. Bryant’s: Sherdrew In Your Dreams With Bowdonia - won this class on her movement on the day, very well off for bone, stood on good feet. Super in profile, heavier all through than two and in tremendous coat. Beautifully presented.
2. Lewin’s: Sh Ch Ferndel Voyage To Vynesbrook J.W. Sh CM - another bitch that I have always admired but today she didn't move as well as 1.
3. Duncan’s: Ir Sh Ch Redfrith Betty Boop CJW10 CW11 Jr
4. Masson’s: Pennylock Rhian Of Manmoel

Class 24 - Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1. Typica Swallow

Class 25 - Veteran Bitch (2:1)

1. Evans’: Sycharth Catrin - another 9 year old in really good nick, lovely in profile, stood on good bone and feet, super angulation, correct top line and tail set, true Welsh head and expression. Moved well and with drive.

Class 26 - Special Working Bitch (4:2)

1. Smith’s: Isfryn Lickety Split - certainly made me smile with her outgoing temperament, shown in good hard condition moved well and with drive. Good all through, lovely head and expression, well off for bone, good feet, super shoulders correct top line and with a character to die for.
2. Bushwacker Hotspot - beautifully presented bitch, just not her day today.

Class 27 - Special New Members Award (NO ENTRIES)

Class 28 - Special Breeders Stakes (NO ENTRIES)

BEST BITCH - Coedybrain Rebecca Of Manmoel

RESERVE BEST BITCH - Julita Rokahlua

BEST PUPPY BITCH - Stedigan Boo To You Too

BEST IN SHOW - Coedybrain Rebecca Of Manmoel

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta


BEST VETERAN - Sh.Ch. Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM