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AGM 2021, announcement of postponement

Our AGM was scheduled to be held on Sunday 28th February, 2021, but due to the Covid restrictions in Wales, and the most recent Kennel Club guidelines, which state 'It is with regret, that due to the recently introduced UK-wide lockdown, we recommend the cancellation of licensed events until at least 28 February 2021,’ we have postponed the AGM until we are able to proceed safely and within the rules.

Further information can be found here:

Announcement by The Kennel Club re Registered Society Annual General Meetings


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a strong, merry active spaniel easily identified by its rich red and white coat. This type of dog was bred for hunting rabbits, birds and other game in the undergrowth and getting them to run or fly, originally for the falcon but nowadays for the gun.

 Yberfa dogs on Twmbarlwm

The Evans's Welshies in the first snow of the year - why not send us any seasonal photos of your dogs to get them featured on the WSSCSW home page

This was the original meaning of 'springing' and hence the term 'springer'. In the principality of Wales, the Welsh Springer Spaniel was known as a separate and distinct variety and can be traced with certainty to the eighteenth century, although the term 'spaniel' was first found in the 1300s. It is the only breed of gundog native to Wales.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales was founded in 1980. It's the only club in Wales which is specifically dedicated to furthering the interests of the Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Whether you show, work or just keep your dog as a pet, the Club has something for everyone.

With two Open Shows and a Championship Show annually together with working assessment tests, regular gundog training days, show ring-craft training, agility, obedience, Show Gundog Working Certificate, fun days, and grooming demonstrations etc., we keep ourselves extremely busy.

The Club is particularly active in the South Wales area but membership is open to all Welsh Springer enthusiasts wherever you live and advice on any aspect of Welsh Springer Spaniel owning or breeding is readily and freely available to all members.

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