Revision of allocation of points for Silver Pheasant Trophy January 2012

silver pheasantThis is our revision of our points trophy. We have tried to show the differences between tests on game and dummies also between KC Working Tests and Assessment Tests in our new allocation. 

Working Assessment Tests Minor Breeds

1st            5 points
2nd           4 points
3rd            3 points
4th            2 points
COM        1 points

1st            7 points
2nd           5 points
3rd           4  points
4th            3 points
COM        1 point
1st          10 points
2nd          8 points
3rd           7 points
4th           5 points
COM       2 points


KC Working Tests  Minor Breeds

Add 2 points to all the above Assessment Test  scores


KC Working Tests AV Novice

(AV means competing with any spaniel)

Add another 2 points to KC Working Tests Minor Breeds

(e.g a place in an AV test would attract 4 extra points on top of those described in Minor Breeds Assessment Test ( + 2 due to the KC test and +2 due to competing with AV)


Field Trials  (Any)

1st           20 points
2nd          15 points
3rd           10 points
4th             7 points
COM         5 points


Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate

15 points on dummies*,  18 points on game*


Kennel Club Show Gundog Working Certificate*

(either on a SGWC day or at other qualifying event) Must include the water pass.
18 points

* Please note: On the three KC working certificates starred* above the points can only be claimed once. However, if a claimant has previously attained a KCWGC on dummies or a KCSGWC and attained the KCSGWC in a subsequent year then the extra points can be claimed (i.e. 5points for a KCWGC and 3 points for a KCSGWC).

Shooting Dog Days

Open and Novice Tests to be scored as KC Working Test Scores


Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales Committee, January 2012