Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Of South Wales

(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at The Drill Hall, Lower Church Street, Chepstow, NP16 5HJ

on SUNDAY 10th February 2019

Judge: Mrs Julie Frost (Bushwacker)

190210 wsscsw open 471 CROPBEST IN SHOW - Bowdonia Anastasia JW
RESERVE BIS - Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorbry
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Glenbrows Temptress
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Ch Julita Rezanella of Jacranella
BEST OPPOSITE SEX - Bowdonia Ozzie (not in photo)


by Judge: Mrs Julie Frost (Bushwacker)

I would like to thank the committee of the WSSCSW for the opportunity to judge at their friendly and well organised open show. I had a wonderful, quality entry with very few absentees on the day; my thanks to the exhibitors who entered their dogs and accepted my decisions in good spirit. Dogs were all well presented and temperaments were good.

CRITIQUE – Dog Classes

Veteran Dog (4,0)

1st - Morphy’s Sh Ch Sherdrew Echo Point – what a grand old man of 13 and a half, I was thrilled to see him in the class. I believe he was the first WSS with a full tail to become a Show Champion in the UK. I loved him when he was a younger dog and my opinion of him has not changed. He has proved himself as a sire and both the best dog and bitch along with both puppy winners have him in their pedigree. Although most of his colour has now faded, physically he is still strong and presents a wonderfully balanced picture. He has a lovely head, with dark eyes and a kind expression, his legs are well boned, pasterns strong with neat feet. He has a well filled fore-chest, a deep body, correct top-line and wonderful tail-set and carriage. On the move he was steady, being accurate fore and aft and balanced in profile. I thought he would easily be my BVIS, however at the end of the day he seemed to have run out of steam a little.

2nd - Stone’s Stedigan Pipers Piping for Merrem ShCM – At 8 years of age this dog is still in his prime . Not a flashy dog but very good to go over. He is well balanced with good feet and bone, a well made head with a kind expression. I liked his topline and his docked tail is set on and carried well. On the move he strode out and was very good in profile but a little closer behind.

3rd - McIlwaine and Reynold’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Band of Brothers for Benoveor JW ShCM.

Puppy Dog (3,0)

1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows This is Me – a gorgeous puppy, just right for his age. Well balanced with a super head and expression, lovely forehand with matching angulation behind. Good bone and neat feet, compact in body and in glorious coat for his age. Played up a little on the move but I saw enough to note he moved true in both directions. Needs to grow in confidence, but one to watch for the future.

2nd - Philipson’s Mestonia Meteor - lovely happy temperament and enjoying his day out. He too has a lovely head and expression but lacks the neck and shoulders of the class winner, nevertheless he presents a pleasing outline. He moved well and had an ever lashing tail.

3rd - Sweetland’s Orient Express Du Domaine De Kerarzic Vilin

Junior Dog (4,0)

1st - Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine – this dog has a wonderfully balanced outline and there is very little I would want to change about him at this age. He has a masculine head, small ears and dark eyes, super neck into shoulders well laid back, good fore-chest, deep body with well sprung ribs. Super rear angulation and a lovely chunky bottom. He moved true coming and going and strode out in profile, carrying his tail well. I considered him for top honours and he is another to watch for the future.

2nd - Cemis’s Taimere’s Talk About Me – A good dog to go over, lovely head, good forehand, well off for bone and neat feet. Lovely neck and shoulders but I preferred the depth of body and overall balance of the class winner. Moved well.

3rd - Wren’s Llon Lewys at Gwynmarren.

Yearling Dog (3,0)

1st - Worth’s Sarabande Lord of the Dance (AI) JW – I really liked this dog, however he does himself no favours on the stack, hiding a well balanced outline and flattening his topline. He has a gorgeous head and expression, a great temperament and is in tremendous coat and condition. On the move he is outgoing and energetic but moves well. I am sure he will do well with maturity.

2nd - Le Maitre’s Vannelmead Gelert - His happy temperament gave him 2nd place over the 3rd dog which I preferred for type. He is a taller and more substantial than the class winner, with good bone and feet. He has a good forechest but is a little stuffy in neck, a good body and depth of chest. He moved well with enthusiasm.

3rd - Buckwell’s Killena Ghostrider.

Special Beginners Dog (4,0)

1st - Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine, see Junior Dog.

2nd - Bennett’s Helgen Romeo the Lover – another nice dog with a lot to like about him. Nice head and expression with a good neck and shoulders, well boned and standing on good feet. Correct topline and tailset although he carries it a little high on the move. Longer in loin than 1st and I preferred the overall balance of the class winner.

3rd - Ovey’s Bozidar Rio

Special Working Dog (2,0)

I was nit-picking in this class as although somewhat different in type there was much to like about both dogs.

1st - Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo – a masculine headed dog of good substance, yet not overdone. Deep chest, compact in body with good feet and bone. He held his tail well on the move.

2nd - Groot’s Isfryn on the Spot – litter brother to my Reserve Best Dog. Lovely head and expression and a super temperament. He stands over more ground than 1st in the class and loses his topline somewhat on the move, where he was a little erratic today.

Novice Dog (2,0)

1st - Philipson’s Mestonia Meteor – see Puppy Dog.

2nd - Sweetland’s Orient Express Du Domaine De Kerarzic Vilin – this sporting owner entered this dog in a number of classes and I was pleased to be able to reward him with a 2nd place in Novice. In this class the owner and dog really worked well together and I was able to see a nicely balanced dog with a good head, neck and shoulders. He stood and moved well here, although his tail carriage slightly detracted from the overall picture.

Post Graduate Dog (8,0)

1st - Wren’s Llon Derwen Dar at Gwynmarren – I liked this dog which was presented in lovely coat and condition. He had a lovely head with neat ears and dark eyes, a very good neck leading into well laid shoulders and a good forechest which is lacking in many. He was very well balanced overall, with lovely hindquarters and tailset. He moved a little erratically for his handler but could not be denied his place.

2nd - Jenkins’ Cwmbeili Morgan - bigger all through and a little longer coupled than 1st. A super head, neck and shoulders although his ears were a little bigger than ideal. Super angulation front and rear and moved very well.

3rd - Gough’s Julita Rukester

Limit Dog (7,0)

A difficult class to judge, as I liked both 1st and 2nd dogs. In the end they became my Best Dog / Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best Dog over good competition.

1st - Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie – I have watched this dog mature and win in good company and sometimes be overlooked too. At times his handler overstretches him to give the impression he is long in loin and straight in topline – which he is not. He needs to be gone over to fully appreciate him. Today he pulled out all the stops and was impossible to overlook. He has the most gorgeous head and the best of expressions, lovely neat ears, a strong neck leading into good shoulders, sufficient upper arm and a really good forechest. He is strong in body and has super quarters, finished off with a well carried tail. His conformation means that he is the truest of movers coming and going and looks well in profile. All this and in super coat and condition too. Congratulations to his owners.

2nd - William’s Isfryn Spot the Difference Trebettyn – my surprise of the day. Different in type to my winner, but deserving of his place. A super merry temperament, he demanded my attention and for the Reserve Best Dog I couldn’t get past him. Not the head of 1st in the class as he needs more stop for perfect balance but he has a lovely roguish expression and the most gorgeous neck and shoulders leading into a strong, well made body with good bone and substance all through. On the move he was a little wide coming at me but moved very well indeed in profile - coming in for the challenge he was almost too enthusiastic but his handler settled him quickly and on the stack he looked very impressive .

3rd - Buckwell’s Killena Tumbaa

Open Dog (5,0)

1st - McIlwaine and Reynolds’ Kamunting Cast Away for Benoveor – a beautifully presented dog, I liked him all through. Stacked he presents a lovely outline, beautiful head with dark expressive eyes and neat ears, sufficient neck, well laid shoulder a good rear and tailset. In profile he moves very well but is another that was a little wide coming towards me. Another I considered for top honours, but in the challenge he flagged a little and the limit dogs both upped their game.

2nd - Evans’ Typica Red Kite – slightly bigger all through and longer in loin and so not as balanced as 1st placed. However I loved his head and expression, he has good bone and feet, topline and tailset. He moves positively carrying his tail well.

3rd - Pick’s Llon Ddraig Goch

190210 wsscsw open 205

BEST DOG – Bowdonia Ozzie

RESERVE BEST DOG – Isfryn Spot the Difference at Trebettyn

BEST PUPPY DOG – Glenbrows This Is Me

BEST VETERAN DOG – Sh Ch Shendrew Echo Point


CRITIQUE – Bitch Classes

Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st - Sutherland’s Ch Julita Rezanella of Jacranella - although standing alone, this super bitch fully deserved a class win. A worthy champion, I think she has got better with age and maturity. Like the winner of Veteran Dog, she has passed on many of her attributes to her offspring. She is full of character, she has a lovely head with sweet expression and a strong neck of good length leading into good shoulders. Her chest is deep with well sprung ribs and she stands on good legs and feet. She moves with drive straight and true and looks well in profile. In the challenge she needed to step up a gear to take Best Veteran in Show over one of my favourites – which she did. Love her.

Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch (4,1)

1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows Temptress. I thought this bitch quite lovely. Already In super coat, she is full of quality and I am sure she has a bright future. She has a textbook outline, flowing from her pretty head to her well carried tail. She has a super forehand with good neck and well-placed shoulders, a correct topline and a good rear assembly. Still a baby she moved a little erratically but did enough to beat her litter brother to Best Puppy in Show. Congratulations on these two lovey babies.

2nd - McIlwaine and Reynolds’ Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love – longer cast than the class winner and not as balanced, nevertheless this pretty bitch presents a pleasing picture. She is presented in lovely coat and condition and moves well.

3rd Johnston’s Nalydris Hakuna Matata

Junior Bitch (2,1)

1st - Pick’s Llon Mairwen O’r Mwmbwls – another lovely bitch with a super head, neck and shoulders, well balanced angulation fore and aft and standing on good bone and feet. She moved steadily carrying her tail well. If she continues to improve in confidence she will trouble the best. One for the future.

Yearling Bitch (7,1)

This was a tough class to judge and I am sure these bitches will change places on another day.

1st - Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow – this docked bitch was outgoing and showed well. She is well made with a good head, neck and shoulders. She stands on good feet and bone and moved very well to take this strong class.

2nd - Worth’s Sarabande Dance to the Rhythm – this feminine bitch was more compact than the class winner and slightly finer all through. The best of heads, a lovely neck and shoulders leading to a good body and super rear assembly. She was presented to perfection, but today could not match the winner on the move.

3rd Harrison’s Glenbrows Valentine  

Special Beginners Bitch (3)

1st - Hankins’ Haltonian Juliet with Woodelrond – a sweet bitch who is of good size. She has a nice head with a good dark eye however the ears could be neater. She is balanced in angles fore and aft although she would benefit from a better layback of shoulder. She has good bone and feet but is a little longer in loin than ideal. She was presented in super coat and condition and moved well. Well handled.

2nd - Yacoub’s Laithmoor Alinka – VHC in Yearling Bitch, she was more settled in this class. I liked her very much for type. She has a lovey head with dark eyes and neat ears. She has good angulation all through, is compact in body and stands on good bone and feet and moved OK. Not in the coat and condition of the class winner, nevertheless if she gets her act together - she could trouble the best.

3rd - Le Maitre’s Vannelmead Gwenllian

Special Working Bitch (0)

Novice Bitch (3,1)

1st - Johnston’s Nalydris Hakuna Matata – 3rd in Puppy Bitch, still very raw, this bitch needs to fill out and body up. Her head is a little fine and she lacks stop, but she has a lovely dark eye and neat ears. She has a very balanced outline, good bone and neat feet. She moved better in this class and her handler got the best out of her.

2nd - Dixon’s Glenbrows Regalia – this sweet girl was more the finished article and was presented in beautiful coat and condition. She was longer in loin and not as balanced as 1st in the class. She moved OK.

Post Graduate Bitch (8,1)

1st - Jones’ Julita Rumours of Trosely. – I loved everything about this bitch but, for perfect balance, would shorten her in the loin just a fraction. She has a very good forehand with a beautiful head, neck and shoulders. Her rear angulation matches her super front and she has excellent tail-set and carriage. She is in lovely coat and condition and moves well. Today she was pipped to the post for the top awards but there is more to come from this bitch and I am sure she will challenge the best.

2nd -Lancett’s Cwmbeili Madlen – bigger all through, with lots to like about this bitch. She is well made all through with a lovely head, good bone and feet, super coat and condition and moves well.3rd Dixon’s Stedigan Starz in Their Eyes

Limit Bitch (8,0)

Super class

1st - Connolly’s Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorbry – I judged this bitch in her first puppy class and gave her Best Puppy in Breed. She has fulfilled her early promise and matured into a super bitch. Not the flashiest, she needs hands on to be fully appreciated and still needs to develop in coat to complete the picture. Her head is strong but feminine and she has a super neck of good length leading to excellent shoulders. She has the best of outlines, compact and absolutely balanced with a text book topline and tailset. She carries her docked tail well and moves with drive. I was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show

2nd - Picks Llon Blodyn Ymenyn – another very typy bitch, shown in beautiful coat and condition. Slightly longer coupled than the class winner she again had a good head, neck and shoulders. Excellent bone and moved well. Preferred the topline and overall balance of the winner.

3rd - Hinxwood Fire and Ice

Open Bitch (6)

Another super class, I was spoilt for choice.

1st - Thomas’s Bowdonia Anastasia – I have watched this bitch mature from the ringside and was very pleased to have the chance to judge her. I found her to be very well made with a great outline, excellent bone and feet. She has a fabulous forehand with a neck of good length set into a good layback of shoulder. She has a good head, neat ears and dark eyes. On the move her excellent conformation enables her to move powerfully around the ring absolutely straight and true. In the challenge she was an easy winner for Best Bitch and just pipped her litter brother to Best in Show. I thought they made a very good pair. Congratulations.

2nd - Pick’s Sh Ch Llon Lili Bengam – another super bitch from this kennel. Well made forehand, lovely head neck and shoulder. Slightly longer in loin but excellent angulation all through and good bone. Preferred the feet of the class winner. Moved very well. Shown in good coat and condition.

3rd - Sutherland’s Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony

190210 wsscsw open 453

BEST BITCH – Bowdonia Anastasia JW

RESERVE BEST BITCH – Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorbry

BEST PUPPY BITCH – Glenbrows Temptress

BEST VETERAN BITCH – Ch Julita Rezanella of Jacranella


Judge: Ms Tori Ellis (Shannara)

I would firstly like to thank the officers and committee of the WSSC of South Wales for inviting me to judge their special award classes, and the exhibitors for their entries and sporting acceptance of my decisions. I was honoured to have had the opportunity to have judged both a high quality and numerically strong entry. I was thoroughly spoilt for choice in all four classes.

Class A – Special Kath Morgan Memorial Junior – (7,0)

Two super litter mates headed this lovely class of youngsters.

1st – Harrison’s Glenbrows Temptress - A stunning feminine young bitch of 10 months, who was put down to perfection. Loved her for her overall balance and substance. Beautiful, well-proportioned head and melting expression. Her long, muscular neck flows neatly into well laid-back shoulders with corresponding return and length to upper arm. She has deep, well sprung ribs for her age and good width all through. Her quarters are correctly angulated and developing nicely with good muscle tone for one so young and correct angulation. Whilst she was a little hesitant to start, once settled she used her well let down hocks to propel her around with ring accurately, driving from the rear. Loved her and would happily have taken her home.

2nd Harrison’s Glenbrows - This is MeThis balanced and compact young man was so close up to his litter sister in so many ways and my comments are similar to above. Masculine head yet free from coarseness, and the most appealing expression. His neck is strong and of good length, his shoulders well placed, and he stands on well boned straight legs and neat feet. Good ribs, deep strong body for his young age and correct topline. His moderately angulated rear is nicely muscled, and he drives of well from his correctly set hocks once settled. For me just felt his sister was more positive in her rear movement on the day.

3rd Philipson – Menstonia Meteor – completed a trio of lovely youngsters.

Class B – Special Kath Morgan Memorial Post Graduate – (14,1)

1st Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW - Having judged this young lady 6 months previously, I am pleased to see that she has continued to mature into a lovely bitch, and at only 22 months her best still to come. She presents a typical outline with good bone and substance, and certainly looks like she could work all day. Pretty head of good proportions, with good chiselling. The best of neck and shoulders and excellent forechest. Her deep ribs are nicely sprung and reach well back, her body is strong with good width, and her quarters are moderately angled with excellent muscle tone. It all came together on the move where she drove off precisely from her correctly placed hocks showing her smooth ground covering action, holding her topline and well carried tail.

2nd Worth’s Sarabande Lord of the Dance (AI) JW - I have long admired this young dog of 20 months from the ringside and was certainly not disappointed on handling. A different type to 1, I thought him to be an impressive young man who presented a symmetrical, compact picture, and his best is still to come. Nicely balanced masculine head with a kind yet alert expression. His strong muscular neck leads neatly into clean well angled shoulders. Straight front, good bone. His body is strong muscular and firm, ribs deep and well sprung, and he has good width throughout. His quarters are muscular and wide, with deep second thigh and correctly angulated. He is quick and active on the move, showing plenty of push and drive. Just preferred the outline of 1 on the move.

3rd Woodhams’ Glynell Jiffy

Class C – Special Len Morgan Memorial Open – (12,0)

1st Pick’s Llon Blodynn Ymenyn - To be honest, this bitch was a complete surprise for me, and she is one I feel needs to be handled to be fully appreciated. Whilst she is not the flashiest of girls, and if I was to be hyper critical, I would prefer her feet to be tighter, she pulled out all the stop in order to win this strong class. Well balanced and full of breed type, she presents a classic welsh outline with plenty of bone and substance yet retains femininity. She has a very pretty, nicely proportioned head with good chiselling. For me she excels in forehand construction with her long muscular neck, well laid-back shoulders with good return of upper arm, and straight front. Strong and muscular body. Excellent ribs, depth and width, she is well coupled and has a correct topline. Her correctly angulated quarters are muscular and well developed, with deep second thighs and well let down hocks. A true and accurate mover, she filled my eye as she drove herself around the ring covering the ground with ease.

2nd Thomas’ Bowdonia Anastasia JW - This was another beautiful bitch who I liked a lot. Of a different type to 1, she also presented a very balanced picture, with her excellent angulation front and rear, and she was presented in good coat and hard condition. She has a nice head and kindly expression. Strong muscular neck leading into correctly placed shoulders. She stands fore square on well boned legs and the best of feet. Good body, big deep ribs, strong loin, and firm top line. Her broad, fully developed quarters enabled her to move out positively showing plenty of push and drive. However, for me, one the day she just could not match the animation of 1.

3rd Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata completed a trio of lovely girls

Class D – Special Breeder Stakes – 8 dogs forming 2 teams

1st Sutherland (Jacranella) - What a lovely quartet of litter mates. So even, I loved them for their overall type, shape and construction. All were presented in good coat and condition and moved soundly, showing powerful ground covering movement.

2nd Pick (Llon) - Another nice quartet formed of two litter mates, and two half sister offspring. These too were of good overall type and construction, however not quite the evenness of team 1 and some movement was a little erratic at times.

190210 wsscsw open 326

Class A Junior Dog or Bitch (left) - Glenbrows Temptress

Class B Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (centre) - Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW

Class C Special Len Morgan Memorial Open Stakes Dog or Bitch (right) - Llon Blodyn Ymenyn

 190210 wsscsw open 321

The fourth Class judged by Victoria was the Special Breeders Stakes -

The winners were the Jacranella Kennels with: (left to right)
Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony, Jacranella Solo, Jacranella Sonata and Jacranella Serenade.


Judge: Tori Ellis (Shannara)