Llanharan House - Photo Call

Sunday 3rd May 2020

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         ** CANCELLED **      

     * Due to coronavirus restrictions but we will reschedule this event as soon as we are able *    

A day not to be missed by breed enthusiasts everywhere – come and join us to be part of breed history.

We intend taking a group photo of as many Welsh Springers as possible outside their spiritual home of Llanharan House, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the formation of WSSCSW

After the photo-call we are planning to have a buffet at Llanharan Rugby Club who carry a picture of a WSS on their club crest.

This promises to be a unique, memorable day, so we would love to see a huge turnout of Welshies.

We are still at the planning stage so please watch our website and Facebook page for more details closer to the date - or drop us you details via email and we'll make sure you're kept informed.

Llanharan House

Read the history of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed and you will see that the breed was first offically recognised by the Kennel Club in 1902 and that the first dog on that register is Ch Corrin, born on 25th July 1893 and bred by Col. Blandy Jenkins of Llanharan House.

For that reason the Club hopes to put on in this, our 40th Anniversary Year a special visit to LlanharanHouse with as many Welsh Springers as we can muster - and there we will organise a mass group photo to celebrate our breed for posterity. We hope to get local media, (TV and newspapers) interested in this auspicious event and so help promote the breed to all.

llanharan rfc logo TCE 800The link between Corrin, the first WSS to be officially recognised by the Kennel Club and Llanharan House has long been established and even the local rugby club recognise the fact by including the image of a WSS on theri club badge

Corrin was bred by Col Blandy Jenkins, or more correctly by his gamekeeper William Jenkins and his sons Abraham and Elias of the Mill House, Llanharan, who had developed the very successful Llanharan strain over many years.

A characteristic of the kennels was the identifiable spot or lozenge on many of their heads, giving rise to the old saying “penny on the head - Llanharan  bred”. 

The Ynysgerwyn Estate of the Williams family and Baglan House near Neath also played a large part in the development of the breed but sadly there are no remains of these locations, though Kennelman’s Cottage, near the entrance to the grounds, still stands.

We are actively researching the history of the Welsh Springer Spaniel and searching for any documentation regarding the early days of the breed so if you have any such evidence we would love to know.


Corrin 01 wAn original painting of Ch Corrin by Rose Bonnor is kept at The National Folk Museum of Wales at St. Fagans, Cardiff (although not on permanent display - it can be viewed by appointment). 



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