181230 wsscsw oxwich 011 cropFor the fourth year in a row we decided to have our Christmas get together at Oxwich Bay on the Gower peninsula, Swansea – we obviously like it there – we know the dogs do.

Nearly 40 humans turned up with nearly 30 dogs. We had our customary cup of coffee at the Oxwich Bay Hotel before all lining up for the obligatory group photo – I think we got everyone in the pic although a few dogs were still in the cars at the time.

At least this year the weather forecast was for a dry day and it was – although it was very overcast and a small shower at the end of the day brought a lovely rainbow over the beach.

The tide was high when we started out on our walk which was OK because it meant the dogs stayed more together as they chased around having a great time splashing through the waves.

There were a couple of new faces with us this year and we hope they enjoyed joining in the fun – maybe we’ll see you at the next organised walk in the spring.

All the dogs were very well behaved and proved to be a great advert for the breed and it was nice to get compliments from other beach users as they admired the spectacle of so many Welshies in one place.

Although yours truly had a frisson of worry when one of our dogs, Megan, disappeared. Half way down the beach we realised she wasn’t with the group so we back-tracked towards the hotel where we found her ingratiating herself with another family trying to scrounge some biscuits off them. At least it goes to show, that at 10 (nearly 11) years old, she still has the sense to scent her way back to where we came from and wait for us.

After the walk, and with all the dogs dried off and snoozing happily in the back of our cars, we drove on to the King Arthur Hotel where we had as smashing meal together – that rounded the day off quite nicely for us and I, for one, can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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