Trimming/Grooming Workshop - 06/10/19

At St Brides, Wentlooge Village Hall, Newport, NP10 8SH

191006 wss grooming day 002 9We've been promising to do a grooming workshop for some time and on 6th October we had nearly 30 people come along to watch our team of Welsh Springer Spaniel owners and expert groomers guide them through a trimming demonstration to give them some knowledge of how to keep their own Welshie well groomed.

The day started at 11am with a welcoming cup of tea and biscuit and a general introduction given by our chair person, Jan Rees - explaining the importance of good grooming and equipment needed.

Our demonstrators who have all owned Welsh Springers for many years, and shown them successfully at all levels, are very knowledgeable about the breed. They gave loads of tips as they demonstrated the various aspects of grooming - especially how to look after those tricky bits such as their feet, nails, ears and tails.

The workshop showed how to groom a Welshie ready for the showring but also for their everyday health and well being. A well groomed dog will not only earn you many compliments when out and about but will ensure you have a happy dog at all times.

Many of the owners practiced some of the techniques on their own dogs - and we are sure they all went home with a better understanding of how to groom and look after their dogs.

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The Team: left to right, Jan Janes, Hayley, Debbie, Karen, Jan Rees, Terry and Sue